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Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee
A one-time, Registration Fee of $500.00 is due with the signing of an Enrollment Agreement to reserve a seat in the next upcoming class.

Tuition for the upcoming academic year (2016-2017) is $25,000.00, payable as $12,500.00 prior to the first and second semesters. Students who enroll in NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospitalís Clinical Laboratory Science Program are obligated to pay (depending on the contractual agreement between NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and the affiliated college) either NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospitalís full-time tuition rate or the affiliated collegeís full-time tuition rate. In addition, depending on the contractual agreement, students may pay NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital directly or through their affiliated college.

Fees for the upcoming academic year (2016-2017) are as follows:

Upon Acceptance
With Submission of Enrollment Agreement Registration Fee $ 500.00
Clinical Clearance Fee* $ 200.00
Prior to First Semester Clinical Fee $ 250.00
Technology Fee $ 125.00
Uniform Fee $ 200.00
Prior to Second Semester Clinical Fee  $ 250.00
Technology Fee  $ 125.00
Prior to Third Semester Clinical Fee $ 250.00
Technology Fee $ 125.00

**Students whose background check requires international clearance will be charged an additional Clinical Clearance Fee of $250.00

Fees are subject to change. Students who are pursuing the bachelor’s degree pathway are still required to pay NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital’s fees as well as their affiliated college’s fees.

Textbook Costs:
Textbook costs are estimated at $700.00. Students are required to purchase all textbooks on their own and a full list is provided prior to orientation

For questions regarding program fees, please e-mail: